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14 prosecutors have been bribed by a Russian gambling group

In Russia, 14 prosecutors have been bribed by a gambling group, in order to operate a huge number of illegal gambling outlets within the country.

As per assessment of FSB security, the activity of the illegal casinos generated a massive turnover of approximately €13 million in just one month.

In further statements, FSB security revealed that the 14 corrupted prosecutors were dismissed and the main aim of FSB is to eliminate corruption from all security rankings in the country.

Last year, one corrupted prosecutor succeeded in leaving the country to avoid getting arrested.

According to FSB security service, the illegal gambling group had conducted illegal gambling activities in 15 cities of the country.

Another Russian prosecutor, named Alexander Ignatenko, has been arrested in the south region of Poland.

He received bribe for turning his eyes blind, reaching to an amount of €1.18 million. The Russian authorities have requested the exile of the former region deputy prosecutor.

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