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January Big Chill Tournament Returns Once Again to Omni Casino

Omni Casino will once again be offering its Big Chill tournament this January, for players interested in taking part in the $9,999 prize pool.  This year’s prize pool is substantially larger than last year’s $5,550.  The tournament is set to begin on the 15th of January and will run until the 31st.

However, players who want to get in on the action early can join the Pre-Tournament for Big Chill, which runs from the first of January until the 14th, and offers players plenty of chances to enjoy several promotions.  For instance, on January 8th, players can take part in the Sunday Rain promo and earn a 50% bonus on their initial deposit to as much as $100.  On the 11th is the Prize Patrol promotion where a max bonus totaling $150 will be awarded to 50 lucky players.

What’s more, players can obtain the points boost at Omni Casino and enter the Big Chill tournament with up to 2500 spin points.

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