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Malaysia and the Philippines Clampdown on Illegal Online Gambling

Malaysia and the Philippines have been making a concerted effort to put a stop to illegal online gambling taking place within their countries.  According to a report from The Star Online of Malaysia, CID’s chief assistant commissioner stated that over the past nine months, 820 individuals were arrested and 4,036 computers were seized due to illegal internet gambling.  This was a significant increase in comparison to the total 2,388 seized computers and 724 individual’s that were arrested during 2010.

Approximately half of the people who were arrested are said to be repeat offenders.  50 locations that were utilized for illegal online gambling operations have had the power cut awaiting investigation.  Furthermore, cyber cafes are being closely monitored to make sure that online gambling is not occurring on their premises.

In addition to charging the organizers and the owners of the sites where illegal online gambling activities were being run, the Malaysian police chief said that they also intend to charge those who took part in these illicit activities by playing the games offered by these unlawful internet casinos.  In other words, players who are caught will be prosecuted.

Malaysian authorities are not the only ones with their hands full, however.  The Philippines police have also been busy carrying out raids against illicit online gambling operations taking place in their county.  According to a CIDG spokesperson, 20 arrests were made during the raids that involved a Korean Jopok organized crime group that was running illegal online baccarat and blackjack casinos in Pasig City.

Everyone who was arrested will be charged with breaking local laws pertaining to anti-illegal gambling.

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