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Experts Advise Caution on U.S Department of Justice Statement

Following initial delight about the DoJs revised stance on intrastate online gambling, experts are now pointing out the flaws in the statement.

On December 23, 2011, the U.S Department of Justice (DoJ) announced that they had changed their gambling standards, which could consequently lead to the implementation of legal intrastate online gambling.

Three weeks later, experts from all fields have had the chance to analyze the statement from the DoJ, and the first signs of problems are emerging.

An online gaming analyst at Deutsche Bank states in his report on the issue that the enthusiasm towards the DoJ's statement could be misplaced. He said that the DoJ have simply changed the case for the implementation on intrastate online gambling from “whether” to “when”, but without giving any clear guidelines for when this might happen.

Also, Las Vegas gaming attorney, Jennifer Carleton, stated that, although the industry still needs to be pro-active, the statement from the DoJ is unquestionably a clear step forward towards the implementation of U.S gambling legalization.

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