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DC Consults Public Regarding the Legalization of Online Gambling

Us jurisdiction of DC passed a law in the first half of this year stating that a resident of DC can legally play online gambling games.  So, DC becomes the first place to legalize gambling in the country. The new law will supposedly bring in significant benefits in terms of taxes. The DC lottery holds a host of meetings to discuss regarding the implementation of this law.

The bill was passed with ease with the Congress not having too many objections. But the opponents of online gambling stated that the law was passed without adequate public discussions. To address this issue, DC decided on organizing public meetings. Consultation with 8 wards forming the jurisdiction will take place in the meetings. Director of DC lottery, Buddy Roogow announced that the consultation dates have already been fixed. Meetings will commence from August 16 and continue in a series till September 14.  These will take place in public libraries or community centers.

Roogow also commented that the DC lottery is moving in a responsible way. He said that, what they are promoting are not casinos made of mortar-and-brick. Traffic will not be affected because of online casinos, neither will the zoning regulations.

DC lottery aims to promote online gambling during the discussions, stating about its benefits. There will be a series of power point presentations on online gambling. Public questions will be addressed by the DC lottery members.

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